Salesforce is the #1 CRM solution that has brought in revolutionary transformations in making many forward-looking organizations successful irrespective of their size. The multiple Salesforce applications including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Company Communities, etc. have changed the way companies operate, manage their customers, monitor marketing activities, track sales queries, and even provide continued after-sales services.

At Clover IT Services, we provide comprehensive Salesforce Consulting Services that fit-in your business needs. We offer services for your round-off Salesforce cycle from planning, consulting, integration, support and administration services.


We provide expert consultancy to organizations and help them narrow down the options and select those Salesforce products that best fit their business needs.

  • Salesforce App Development
  • Cloud Solution Assessment
  • Tool Evaluation (on-premises vs. on-cloud)
  • Business Process Implementation
  • Integration with Third Party Systems


We have an expertise in Salesforce Administration and we work along with your team to deliver flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions to help you carry out your business processes seamlessly.

  • Setup, Configuration, and Customization
  • Users, Roles, Profiles, and Security Settings
  • Monitor Data Quality
  • Workflows and Approval Process
  • Manage Metadata
  • Configure UI and Localization


Our Salesforce experts can accurately understand your business requirements and customize solutions to give you complete ease of carrying out your business in the way you want.

  • CRM Extension and Enhancement
  • Customizing User Interface with JavaScript Frameworks
  • Developing Custom Visual Pages or Apex Classes
  • Automation Capabilities by Developing Apex Batch Jobs or Triggers
  • Analytics with Custom Reports, Dashboards, Charts, KPIs


Get the ease of connecting Salesforce to your enterprise applications seamlessly with the help of our expert teams. In the cloud or on-premises, easily integrate CRM, ERP and other applications to run your business with Salesforce.

  • Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Business Logic Integration by Exposing Rest/SOAP API
  • Functional System Integration (ERP, Accounting, and other Financial Management software)
  • Data Integration
  • Application Integration