ERP Solution

Clover IT services offer end-to-end ERP solutions for ensuring that you should be able to enhance the productivity of your team, reduce the time and at the same time streamlining the key features of your business. Our ERP is specially designed by core expert panel with years of practical experience. The ERP has been developed to offer a perfect solution to a number of most critical pain-points of any business. The major emphasis has been given to 4S- Simplicity, Scalability, Streamlining and Saving. Each single aspect of our ERP software is carefully structured to adhere to our 4S-approach.

SUPER success Model with our revolutionary ERP system

Success is not enough! Get the S.U.P.E.R. success you always wanted!

  • Streamline…. Different departmental activities
  • Uncomplicate… The business processes
  • Polish…. Staff productivity
  • Enhance…. The organizational performance
  • Rush….. Ahead your competitors

Explore how can our prime grade ERP system empowers your business:

  • Reporting: Our ERP software is scrupulously crafted to ensure uniform and proper reporting using automated templates. The major objective is to help different departments to access the information without any hassles or flaws.
  • Data Quality: Our ERP software is specifically designed to improve the core business processes that allow you to take better-informed decisions. In business, success is all about taking the right decisions when it matters the most.
  • Savings: Our ERP system is specifically focused on enhanced resource management so that you should realize the maximum potential of each resource. It not only helps you to get the best RoI (Return on Investment) but also allows you to considerably reduce the cost by eliminating wastage of resources.
  • CRM: We know the benefits offered by a well-managed CRM to a particular business. So, our ERP is specially designed to revolutionize your full-cycle of CRM endeavors and allow you to enjoy the best short term and long term benefits.
  • Multifaceted analytics: Our ERP systems use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the most powerful and multi-faceted business analytics tools. All these tools are practically designed after a thorough thought process to ensure that you should enjoy the best benefits of data analytics without going through any complex processes.
  • Multi-layered access control: To promote the best practices and maintain privacy during dissemination of data, our ERP system is enriched with strong user management control that offers you the full flexibility to control the data access. The special architecture allows you to create the multilayered-permission for different users according to the posts and department.
  • Ease of use: Ease of use is one of the first and foremost concerns when we design the ERP system for your organizations. Our ERP system ensures that even a new staff should be able to use the system without going through any elongated, complicated training. In fact, we have gone a few miles ahead by designing the ERP system that specifically focuses on non-technical people and allows them to learn the processes without intense training.